Healthcare Improvement Scotland Annual Report 2015-2016

Extract from the Chairman's foreword

"This report celebrates much we all can be proud of in the provision of high quality care in Scotland. I want Healthcare Improvement Scotland to build on its successful contribution and to help many others have the very best possible care."

Dr Dame Denise Coia
Chairman, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Everyone in our organisation shares the same purpose: to drive improvements in health and social care.

The following case studies illustrate how our work helps drive improvements for people and services across health and social care in Scotland. 

Our purpose

We want the very best for people in Scotland, so we work with stakeholders across the country and internationally to collaborate, learn and co-ordinate work to better achieve outcomes and improvement in healthcare.

To support this transformational change, we have committed to making seven key contributions to improving health and social care services:

  • supporting the use of data and information, alongside bespoke support, to help services to improve
  • supporting people to have a meaningful say in how services are designed, delivered and experienced
  • providing independent quality assurance that gives people confidence in the quality of services and helps
    providers to improve
  • supporting providers to redesign services so that people in Scotland are able to live longer, healthier lives at
    home or a homely setting
  • supporting services to reduce harm, waste and unnecessary variation in practice and outcomes
  • providing evidence and knowledge that enables people to get the best out of the services that they use and helps
    services to improve, and
  • supporting leaders to create the conditions where quality will flourish.

Individually and collectively, these contributions help drive improvement in the care people receive across Scotland.

Our annual report includes a section on each of our seven contributions, highlighting examples of our work from 2015-2016. 

Published Date: 2 November 2016