Corporate documents, plans and policies

All our corporate documents and policies are available on request:

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Annual report 2016

"This report celebrates much we all can be proud of in the provision of high quality care in Scotland. I want Healthcare Improvement Scotland to build on its successful contribution and to help many others have the very best possible care."

Dame Denise Coia
Chairman, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Annual review 2016

Each year the Scottish Government asks NHS Boards to host an Annual Review so that each board can be held to account for their performance. There are two types of Annual Review: Ministerial (run by Ministers and Scottish Government Civil Servants) or non-Ministerial (run by the boards themselves).

This year the Healthcare Improvement Scotland Annual Review 2016 was Ministerial and took place on 28 November 2016 at the Healthcare Improvement Scotland offices in Gyle Square, chaired by Maureen Watt MSP, Minister for Mental Health. 

Our strategy 2017-2022 and delivery plans

Healthcare Improvement Scotland corporate documents, plans and policies:

Quality Assurance Inspections policies and procedures: