Involving the public

Involving the public

Involving the public in our work is an integral part of everything we do. Our approach to public involvement is to ensure that we work with patients, carers and members of the public to help us:

  • learn from the experiences of patients and carers
  • ensure that health services are sensitive to the needs and preferences of patients
  • enable the public to review the quality of the NHS.

In June 2010, we attained the Investing in Volunteers quality standard, which recognises our commitment to our volunteers and ensures that we have demonstrated we have the right processes and support in place to sustain and develop volunteering across the organisation.

Examples of how we involve people in our work include:

  • voluntary organisation staff and members who help us design our advice and guidance and support our scrutiny teams
  • public partners (volunteers) who we train and support to provide a public perspective to our work
  • associate patient focus inspectors (volunteers) who participate in HEI inspections and ensure that they focus on the things that matter most to patients, and
  • participants in consultation activities (eg focus groups and surveys).

We produce a quarterly newsletter for our involving people network. It's available to public partners, voluntary organisations and members of the public who are interested in our work. Contact us to join our mailing list.

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Putting the public voice at the heart of healthcare

Our public partners are essential to our work, ensuring that the public's voice is represented in all that we do. The following article shines the spotlight on the work of public partner, John Dally.

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