Making Care Better – Our progress at a glance: 2016–2017

Annual report cover image, with title of report and graphic of a family

The integration of health and social care services in Scotland in April 2016 marked the beginning of a brave new world for all of us working across health and social care. The changes reflect the significant increases in demand and the need to find ways of working more effectively together and making best use of resources.

We cannot deny there are challenges we all face as we evolve into this new way of working. The constant for us is the need to continue to put those who use and those who deliver, services at the centre of everything we do.

At Healthcare Improvement Scotland we feel we are uniquely placed. We work at all levels in the system – national, regional, local and individual – to help improve the quality of care. This enables us to remain alive to changes in the context we operate in and think in new ways to support the transformational changes in our system.

Our response to the changes is a new strategy for the organisation, Making Care Better, which sets out a plan for the next five years. The strategy has been defined by engagement with stakeholders throughout the last and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this work.

Throughout 2016–2017, we continued to make significant progress in our day to day work to support improvements in services across health and social care. We are really pleased with the way our work with partners is having an impact in the care that is being delivered day in and day out across Scotland. We have included examples of our work in this short report and we would be delighted if you could take some time to take a look at the progress being made.

Published Date: 3 November 2017