What we do

Our work programme supports the healthcare priorities of the Scottish Government, in particular those of NHSScotland’s Healthcare Quality Strategy and the 2020 Vision.

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Our work programme

We work with services and the public to make seven key contributions to health and social care:

  1. Supporting people to have a meaningful say in how services are designed, delivered and experienced.
  2. Providing independent quality assurance that gives people confidence in the quality of services and helps providers to improve.
  3. Supporting providers to redesign services so that people in Scotland are able to live longer, healthier lives at home or a homely setting.
  4. Supporting services to reduce harm, waste and unnecessary variation in practice and outcomes.
  5. Providing evidence and knowledge that enables people to get the best out of the services that they use and helps services to improve.
  6. Supporting the use of data and information, alongside bespoke support, to help services to improve.
  7. Supporting leaders to create the conditions where quality will flourish.

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Annual report

Annual report 2016
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December 2016

Local delivery plan 2016-2017

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