Cancer care improvement

Cancer care improvement

We support improvements in the quality of cancer care by:

  • updating existing SIGN guidelines to ensure they reflect current evidence
  • developing new guidelines for cancers where there is little or no existing advice and guidance on best clinical practice
  • facilitating the development of quality performance indicators (QPIs) to support the work of the National Cancer Quality Steering Group
  • working collaboratively with ISD and the Regional Cancer Networks to develop a quality assurance and governance framework that will allow review of cancer services at local, regional and national level.

These activities allow us to support boards in delivering safe and effective cancer services, and provide a mechanism to assure the public that this is so.  

Cancer care improvement resources

SIGN Guidelines

The Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) has developed a range of evidence based clinical practice guidelines on cancer care.

Visit the SIGN website  for more information.