Cancer Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs)

Better Cancer Care (2008) included a commitment to “develop a work programme which will define how we will take forward quality indicators for cancer services”. 

To achieve this, the Scottish Cancer Taskforce established the National Cancer Quality Steering Group which is responsible for:

  • the development of small sets (approximately 10-15 indicators) of tumour specific and generic national quality performance indicators (QPIs)
  • overseeing the implementation of the national governance framework that underpins the reporting of performance against national QPIs, and
  • ensuring sustainability of this work programme.

The QPIs have been developed collaboratively with the three Regional Cancer Networks  (NOSCAN, SCAN, WOSCAN), Information Services Division (ISD), and Healthcare Improvement Scotland. QPIs will be kept under regular review and be responsive to changes in clinical practice and emerging evidence.  

The overarching aim of the cancer quality work programme is to ensure that activity at NHS board level is focussed on areas most important in terms of improving survival and patient experience whilst reducing variance and ensuring safe, effective and person-centred cancer care.

Cancer QPI documents

Cancer QPI assurance programme

Scottish Government asked Healthcare Improvement Scotland to provide assurance around performance against cancer QPIs and publish their findings on a 3 yearly basis.