Breast screening standards

Breast screening standards

Healthcare Improvement Scotland are updating as appropriate its suite of screening standards as part of the National Screening programme. The Clinical Standards for Breast Screening, published in 2002 by the Clinical Standards Board for Scotland, have been identified for review.  

The Scottish Breast Screening Programme was set up over 20 years ago and invites women aged 50 to 70 years to attend breast screening every three years. A national review was undertaken in 2012 to ensure the service continued to meet the needs of women, and continued to provide a “high quality and equitable service”.

Draft standards

Healthcare Improvement Scotland have been asked by Scottish Government to undertake a review of the Scottish Breast Screening Programme routine appointment process. The output of this review may impact and inform the revision of the breast screening standards (2002). As such, the decision has been taken by Healthcare Improvement Scotland to pause the revision of the standards until the review is complete.

We will contact stakeholders in the near future to inform of new dates for the revision of the breast screening standards.

For further information on Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s review of the Scottish Breast Screening Programme, please refer here

Standards scope

The standards document will specify a minimum level of performance for breast screening services and will apply to all healthcare organisations and practitioners. The standards will recognise the role of all service users, their carers and representatives and the public.

Scoping report

We have developed a scoping report for the breast screening standards outlining the broad themes for inclusion within the draft standards document.


Published Date: 9 May 2016