End of life care after stroke

End of life care following acute stroke


This statement is a joint publication by NHS QIS and the University of Glasgow. It was developed using the NHS QIS methodology and technical support from NHS QIS, with funds from the National Advisory Council for Stroke and support from the Managed Clinical Network for Stroke in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. The Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum was represented and involved in every stage of the process.

It is also available at www.glasgow.ac.uk/nursing

Care of the patient who is at the end of life following an acute stroke requires consideration of ethical issues and communication within the stroke care team, with the patient and the family or carer is of vital importance. This best practice statement covers these and related issues.   

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Published Date: 01 December 2010


Healthcare Improvement Scotland took over the responsibilities of NHS Quality Improvement Scotland on 1st April 2011.

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