Endoscopy accreditation

Endoscopy is an important medical procedure as it enables clinicians to observe the inside of the body using a long flexible tube, called an endoscope, and can be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

Over 150,000 endoscopy procedures are undertaken across NHSScotland every year, and it is very important that the procedure is performed well, as it is easy to miss subtle abnormalities. There are also inherent risks to the patient, particularly where interventions are undertaken.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland has been assessing endoscopy services across NHSScotland to ensure they are delivering a high standard of safe, effective and person-centred care.

Endoscopy Units wishing to take forward formal accreditation of their services should contact Olive Collier, JAG Accreditation Manager at askjag@rcplondon.ac.uk for further information.

JAG, through the accreditation process, is able to support local units by providing:

  • direct, bespoke advice, guidance and support to individual units as part of its accreditation process
  • support for endoscopy training through the JAG electronic training systems (JETS) e-portfolio and GI endoscopy for nurses (GIN) programmes
  • managing the Global Rating Scale census and publishing unit reports twice a year
  • the ability to validate the GRS census data as part of its accreditation processes
  • providing access to a range of resources and advice for endoscopy units, including the knowledge management system (KMS), and  the planning and productivity assessment tools (PPAT)

With effect from April 2015 Global Rating Scale (GRS) census, reports are available on the JAG website.


The JAG accreditation website can also be access from:


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