Medical revalidation

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Medical revalidation

This section of our website focuses on our work to develop and support a national approach to quality assuring the progress that organisations have made in implementing medical revalidation in Scotland.

Revalidation for doctors became a UK requirement in December 2012. It was introduced in response to concerns about some doctors’ performance. The aim of revalidation is to give patients confidence that their doctors are performing well and are aware of the latest developments in the area of medicine in which they practise. It also helps doctors reflect on how they can improve their practice and how they interact with patients and colleagues.  

Further information on medical revalidation and the process involved can be found on our “What is medical revalidation?” information page.

The scope of our work includes:

  • the NHS
  • registered independent hospitals and hospices, and
  • certain other organisations employing doctors, such as the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland.

We have produced a series of reports which follow the journey of revalidation in Scotland and provide a detailed national overview of progress, highlight achievements and areas where further work is needed.  

You can read these reports and find out more information on medical revalidation at the links below:

Agreement for the provision of external responsible officer and/or appraisal services

Following the 2013 external quality assurance review of medical revalidation in Scotland, Healthcare Improvement Scotland committed to developing an agreement template that NHS and non-NHS organisations can use for outsourcing appraisal and/or Responsible Officer (RO) services.  We have worked closely on the content of this document with the Central Legal Office and the agreement template is available at the link below. 

We welcome your feedback on the local use and implementation of the agreement template and ask you to send this to our email address -