ARI review

“This was a complex and thorough review. The team identified a range of concerns and areas for improvement including leadership, behaviours and governance. The issues are serious, and I recognise that the report will in many respects make sobering reading.

"Importantly, the report sets out a range of recommendations for the future. I am encouraged that NHS Grampian is already addressing the recommendations in this report. 

"On behalf of the review team, I want to express our appreciation for the openness and honesty shown by all the staff and patients we spoke with over the course of the review.

"The review report which was published today is the result of an extensive investigation. The review team spoke with patients and carers, interviewed over 500 members of staff, examined national and local data, case records and the handling of complaints."

Dr Angus Cameron, Chair of the Review Team and Medical Director at NHS Dumfries and Galloway

Report on the review of the quality of care at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

On Tuesday 10 June, NHS Grampian invited Healthcare Improvement Scotland to undertake a detailed review of the leadership, culture, behaviours and values of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. This included a review of how these factors impacted on the quality and safety of care. The review also looked at a number of specific areas including emergency medicine, general surgery, care of the elderly, obstetrics and gynaecology, and critical care.

The following report and appendices present the findings of this short-life review of quality and safety in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

We have identified recommendations in this report and we expect that these recommendations will be used to provide guidance and support for those working in NHS Grampian to help them to deliver the necessary improvements.

We expect NHS Grampian to develop an action plan to implement the recommendations. It is important that the recommendations are carefully considered and a detailed improvement plan developed, with appropriate timescales, ownership, accountability and measures incorporated.

The review team considered a large amount of evidence in reaching its findings and recommendations. We spoke with a wide range of staff, patients and carers, and drew on national data and information provided by NHS Grampian. A survey of medical staff and managers was also undertaken and considered alongside the results of recent surveys by the General Medical Council (GMC) and NHS Education for Scotland (NES) of doctors in training at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Read our press release for further information on this review.

Published Date: 2 December 2014


Older people in acute hospitals inspection report

Read the older people in acute hospitals inspection report for Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Woodend Hospital which forms part of this review.