Eye Health Network review

Service Review of NHS Grampian Eye Health Network

This report sets out the principal findings from our review into concerns raised about the management of NHS Grampian’s eye health network and contains a number of recommendations that NHS Grampian should take forward in response to these findings.

The key findings section of the report provides detail against each individual issue.

The review team identified areas of good practice, such as the way in which the eye health network has helped to promote and facilitate collaboration between staff groups which has led to a better understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities.

This in turn has strengthened the overall communication and co-operation between all professions in contact with the eye health service and facilitated multidisciplinary team working.

However, the review team also identified areas where improvements can be made and the report contains a number of recommendations for NHS Grampian to take forward. This includes a need to further develop and formalise its eye health network governance arrangements.

Published Date: 30 May 2014