Ninewells OPAH review

Independent review of the Healthcare Improvement Scotland inspection of the care of older people, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

A planned, announced, inspection to Ninewells Hospital, NHS Tayside, took place on 24 – 26 September 2012.  A significant delay occurred prior to the publication of the report, and an unannounced follow up visit was organised; this took place on 21 January 2013. The inspection report (which combined the announced and unannounced inspections) was subsequently published on 30 January 2013. Owing to issues that resulted from the delay, an independent review was initiated in order to identify areas for improvement in the future management of inspection and scrutiny activities.

The review considered the conduct of the inspection and the subsequent decision-making processes. The review also considered the document management of the draft report. The review was formal and independent of Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

The review was conducted by:

  • Frances Dow CBE, formerly Vice-Principal, Edinburgh University (Review Team Lead)
  • David Cumming, former Director of Operations at Care Inspectorate & Depute Chief Inspector, Social Work Inspection Agency
  • Colette Ferguson, Director of NMAHP (Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions) NHS Education for Scotland.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland responded to the publication of the independent review by issuing the following statements:

Dr Denise Coia, Chair of Healthcare Improvement Scotland said:

We welcome the publication of this review of our inspection of the care of older people at Ninewells Hospital, NHS Tayside. We commissioned the review in order to further improve how we manage inspections on the care of older people so that patients and the public continue to benefit from credible inspections which lead to improvements in patient care.  We delayed publication of the report due to the fact that the original draft contained some content that we believed would have been unfair to NHS Tayside. All of our actions and decisions were designed to get the inspectors’ recommendations acted on, and into the public domain, as soon as possible. However we fully recognise the need to address all the issues which the independent review group raises. Our organisation welcomes, and will act on, all the recommendations on how we manage and develop the inspection process in the future and we are already working to address the recommendations in the report. 

John Glennie, Chief Executive of Healthcare Improvement Scotland said: 

“The reason we commissioned this report is to continue to improve how we inspect the care of older people in a way that genuinely supports improvements for patients. We absolutely acknowledge the issues highlighted in the report, recognise the need to address the areas where we need to improve and we welcome the recommendations on how we improve our inspections. We have already tackled some of the key issues raised in the report and have prepared and published an Action Plan to address all the recommendation in the report.  

We also note the independent review group’s comments that all 17 recommendations for improvement originally identified in September remained intact in the final report and that there was no delay in improvements to patient care being implemented by NHS Tayside.”

Published Date: 25 June 2013