Sharing to improve

Sharing Intelligence for Health & Care Group - Summary report for 2016–2017

The Sharing Intelligence for Health & Care Group, having now been fully functioning for two years, is enabling us to make increasingly better use of important pieces of intelligence in Scotland – with the ultimate aim of supporting improvement in the quality of health and social care.

During 2016–2017, we enhanced both our collective learning from the intelligence we share, and how we engage with NHS boards about this. This year has also seen the beginnings of engagement with Integration Authorities alongside NHS boards, as we focus on the wider agenda of integration of health and social care. We intend to deepen our intelligence and combined understanding of the integrated health and social care environment.
Triangulation of the intelligence held by six national organisations provides Scotland with a solid basis to learn about our health and social care systems, improving our understanding of how services are performing and being led.

This, our second annual summary report, describes our main achievements to date as well as where we believe we can benefit the most by refining our approach.

Published Date: 10 August 2017