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This inspection of Princess Royal Maternity Hospital was both a follow-up ward inspection and theatre Inspection. We were pleased to see that NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde had met all seven requirements made at the previous Inspection in October 2016.

During the theatre inspection we found good leadership in infection prevention and control and a good standard of environmental cleanliness in all areas of the department. However, all equipment used in the theatre department must be clean and free from damage, tape and tape residue, and can be effectively cleaned.

We expect NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde to address the report’s requirements as a priority.”

Alastair McGown, Senior Inspector for Healthcare Improvement Scotland





Princess Royal Maternity Hospital

Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI) unannounced theatre inspection

Inspection date: 20 - 21 June 2017.

Summary of inspection

We carried out an unannounced inspection of the theatre department of Princess Royal Maternity Hospital from Tuesday 20 to Wednesday 21 June 2017.

Inspection focus

Before carrying out the inspection, we reviewed NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s self-assessment and previous Princess Royal Maternity Hospital reports. This informed our decision on which standards to focus on during this inspection of the theatre department. We focused on:

  • Standard 1: Leadership in the prevention and control of infection
  • Standard 2: Education to support the prevention and control of infection
  • Standard 4: HAI surveillance
  • Standard 6: Infection prevention and control policies, procedures and guidance
  • Standard 8: Decontamination, and
  • Standards 9: Acquisition of equipment.

We inspected the following areas:

  • theatres 1 to 3 (obstetrics), and
  • theatres 4 and 5 (gynaecology).

What the hospital did well

  • We found good infection prevention and control leadership in the theatre department.
  • We found a good standard of environmental cleanliness in all areas of the theatre department.

What the hospital could do better

  • All sterile instrument trays, instruments and packs should be managed in line withnational guidance.
  • Equipment used in the theatre department must be clean and free from damage.

This report highlights areas of strength and weakness as well as areas for further improvement, including requirements and recommendations.

This inspection resulted in three requirements and one recommendation.

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde must address and requirements and make the necessary improvements within the stated timescales.

'The improvement action plan for this inspection has now been removed from the Healthcare Improvement Scotland website, as the inspection took place more than 16 weeks ago.  Please contact NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde for further information on progress against this action plan'


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Princess Royal Maternity Hospital overview

Find out more about this hospital, including the latest inspection report, on the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital overview page.

Types of inspections

Inspections may be announced or unannounced and will involve physical inspection of the clinical areas, and interviews with staff and patients. We will publish a written report 8 weeks after the inspection.

  • Announced inspection: the service provider will be given at least 4 weeks’ notice of the inspection by letter or email.
  • Unannounced inspection: the service provider will not be given any advance warning of the inspection.
  • Follow-up inspection: the NHS board and hospital may or may not be given advance notice of the inspection. A safety and cleanliness follow-up inspection will take place no later than 26 weeks from the publication of the initial report.