Monroe House

Service overview

Monroe House is a 14 bed private psychiatric hospital providing healthcare services for adults with learning disabilities, associated mental health problems and challenging behaviour.

Service type: Hospital

Service details Service provider

Main point of contact:
Ashley Fraser-Green

Service address:
Monroe House
119 Americanmuir Road

The service provider is Oakview Estates Limited, a provider of health and social care in the UK.

Oakview Estates Limited
1 Manchester Square

Inspection reports and quality grades

Latest inspection report
Monroe House - independent healthcare inspection report: June 2016
Conditions of registration
  1. The service will operate as a private psychiatric hospital which will comply with current merntal health legislation.
  2. To provide healthcare services for service users with learning disabilities and mental illness.
  3. No one under the age of 18 years to be seen or treated on the premises. Service users over 65 years old may be seen or treated on an individual basis after prior agreement with Healthcare Improvement Scotland and other relevant services.

  4. To provide a maximum of 14 in-patient places.
  5. A registered medical practitioner with specialist experience of learning disabilities and mental health illness to be on call over 24 hours.
  6. To provide 24 hour nursing care.
  7. The service staff shall ensure that staff possessing the appropriate skills, training and experience are provided in sufficient numbers to ensure the safety and welfare of all service users.

Table of Grades

Inspection date Quality of information Quality of care and support Quality of environment Quality of staffing Quality of management and leadership
3 & 4 May 2016 4 - Good 4 - Good 4 - Good 4 - Good 4 - Good
17 & 18 June 2015 4 - Good 4 - Good 4 - Good 4 - Good 3 - Adequate
17 & 18 June 2014 Not assessed 4 - Good 3 - Adequate 4 - Good 4 - Good
10 & 11 December 2013 Not assessed 4 - Good 3 - Adequate 2 - Weak 3 - Adequate

Grading Key

(6) Excellent
(5) Very good
(4) Good
(3) Adequate - performance is acceptable but could be improved
(2) Weak - concerns about the service and there are things that must improve
(1) Unsatisfactory - represents a more serious level of concern
Previous inspection reports

Monroe House - independent healthcare inspection report: August 2015

Monroe House - independent healthcare inspection report: August 2014

Monroe House - independent healthcare inspection report: February 2014
For information regarding inspection reports and complaints about this service formerly provided by Castlebeck Care (Teesdale) Limited prior to 30 August 2013 please contact us:  

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