Inspection of adult services

Joint inspections of adult health and social care services

Services for older people

We have agreed in conjunction with The Care Inspectorate to develop and carry out joint inspections of health and social care services provided for older people living in the 32 local authority (council) areas across Scotland.

We will be inspecting all local authorities to see how well they work in partnership with services provided through local NHS boards and hospitals and how this impacts on the lives of older people.

The inspections will also look at the role of independent and voluntary organisations in the community.

The inspections will aim to provide assurance that the care of older people living in their own homes in the community is of a high standard. We also want assurance that people are getting the right kind of care at the right time and in the right place resulting in good health and quality of life outcomes for older people.

All 32 of Scotland’s local authority areas will be inspected in due course and it is anticipated that six areas will be inspected each year.

Joint inspection teams from both of our organisations have finished two extensive inspections of services in Moray and Aberdeenshire and inspection reports are now available below.

These reports will support improvements in the services people receive and will be used by organisations who are delivering care to improve the services they provide, whether in a health or social care setting.

Joint inspection reports