OPAH Six-Monthly Rep Oct 2012


"In the majority of our observations, we saw staff treating older people with compassion, dignity and respect. We also noted that many hospitals have started to make the hospital environment more suitable for patients with dementia. However, we also identified a number of areas for improvement. In some instances, staff did not always consider the patient’s privacy and dignity when discussing personal issues and what was wrong with them at the patient’s bedside. We also found that patients were not always screened to assess their nutritional needs when they are admitted to hospital. We will continue to work with NHS boards to ensure that our inspections contribute to improvements in the care of older people in acute hospitals."

Ian Smith - Acting Chief Inspector

Care for Older People in Acute Hospitals

Six-monthly report (February-July 2012)

This report provides a summary of our findings from the first 6 months of inspections of the care of older people in acute hospitals.

Our report reflects what we found during eight inspections to acute hospitals in four NHS boards across Scotland from February 2012 to July 2012. All of inspections we carried out were announced.

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