Releasing Time to care

Making your priorities possible

From Saskatchewan in Canada to Waitemata in New Zealand, everyone is releasing time to care.

Releasing Time to Care (RTC) is a programme developed by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement that is making real change to the care received by patients in Scotland. But it’s not another programme of work to add to the ever-increasing workload – rather, it frees up time to make other priorities in relation to patient care possible.

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RTC frees nurses up to spend more time on direct patient care in an improved nursing environment through practical modules applied to improve and streamline hospital ward processes. In essence, it is a way of working smarter rather than harder. But also of freeing up time to focus on priority areas of care.

This section provides information on how Healthcare Improvement Scotland is supporting the growth of RTC in Scotland, providing useful information and links to help you get started.


Releasing Time to Care

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