Tissue viability

Welcome to the tissue viability toolkit. Here you will find tools and worksheets that make preventing pressure ulcers possible in your care setting.

Whether you work in the NHS, the community, a hospice or voluntary care, the tissue viability tools can quickly make real changes for your patients.

What’s the difference between pressure ulcers and tissue viability?

"Tissue viability is a growing speciality that primarily considers all aspects of skin and soft tissue wounds including acute surgical wounds, pressure ulcers and all forms of leg ulceration." - (Tissue Viability Society 2009).

Pressure ulcers are an injury that breaks down the skin and underlying tissue. They are caused when an area of skin is placed under pressure. They are sometimes known as 'bedsores' or 'pressure sores'." - (with thanks to NHS Choices).

Scottish Patient Safety Programme

Pressure ulcer care forms part of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme (see driver diagram link below), and is one of the harms of the Scottish Patient Safety Indicator. Reporting of pressure ulcers should be facilitated using local incident management systems. Further information can be found on the Acute Adult community site: http://www.knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/aapsp.aspx and the SPSP website: http://www.scottishpatientsafetyprogramme.scot.nhs.uk/.

Point of care - pressure ulcers

Scottish Patient Safety Programme logo

Click to download the Scottish Patient Safety Programme Pressure ulcers driver diagram.


Preventing pressure ulcers patient leaflet

Preventing pressure ulcers

This guide is for adults at risk of developing pressure ulcers. It provides advice for patients and their families/carers to help prevent developing a pressure ulcer.