PROMs questionnaire project

PROMs Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project

What are PROMs?

Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) are questionnaires patients complete on their health and quality of life. The information collected from PROMs can help to monitor patient progress, help professionals and patients discuss health issues with each other and/or help to improve the quality of health services. 

PROMs require high reading and comprehension levels which may exclude people with low literacy or with learning disabilities from from using these questionnaires effectively.

We carried out research to see how these questionnaires could be made more accessible and easy to use, and have developed a practical user guide for clinicians and an easy read leaflet to explain the purpose of the PROMs survey to patients.

User Guides


The project team was based at Healthcare Improvement Scotland and the Universities of Glasgow and Dundee. 

We spoke to people with low literacy skills and learning disabilities, other patients and health professionals about these questionnaires.

They had several suggestions to improve PROMs including -

  • larger font sizes and tick boxes on PROMs 
  • giving patients a choice of where to complete PROMs (for example, at home or in a clinic)
  • providing a quiet space for patients to concentrate on a PROM
  • offering assistance to complete a PROM.