Scottish Health Council

Making sure your voice counts

The Scottish Health Council’s role is to improve how the NHS in Scotland involves people in decisions about health services.

NHS Boards have a responsibility to focus on the needs of patients by listening to them and responding to their needs, and to involve people in the planning and development of health services. This is sometimes called ‘Patient Focus and Public Involvement’.

The Scottish Health Council helps to make sure that the public has a say in the NHS by:

  • supporting NHS Boards to share good practice, exchange ideas and develop new approaches on how to involve people in health services
  • assessing and reporting on how well NHS Boards involve people in the development of services, and
  • working with NHS staff and communities to improve how patients, carers and the public are involved in health services.

The Scottish Health Council also provides support for Independent Scrutiny Panels that are established by the Scottish Government to consider proposals for major changes to local health services.

The Scottish Health Council is part of Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

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