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Pregnancy and Newborn Screening Indicators

Screening is a public health service offered to groups of the population to identify risk of a particular condition. Screening tests are not compulsory but are offered to help individuals make informed choices about their health and the health of their child.

Pregnancy and newborn screening are considered to be important components of good healthcare that should both underpin and inform child and family health and wellbeing.

We are currently working with our partner organisations including NHS National Services Scotland to review and update our work around national screening programmes. To support this work, we have recently developed indicators for pregnancy and newborn screening based on existing measurement tools. This work has been informed by current standards and indicators published by the UK National Screening Committee and the UK newborn screening programme centre.

We have developed indicators to quality assure selected aspects of pregnancy and newborn screening services in NHSScotland.

The overall aim is to ensure these indicators cover the following key areas:

  • ensuring the effective co-ordination of pregnancy and newborn screening services
  • providing the mother and her partner with adequate time and opportunity for discussing pregnancy and newborn screening, and results of screening, with healthcare professionals
  • identifying pregnant women and unborn/newborn babies who are at high risk of certain conditions as early as possible
  • ensuring those undergoing screening and their unborn /newborn babies have optimal health and well being
  • providing high quality treatment and ongoing support to those who need it, and
  • ensure that the indicators are fit for purpose and offer best value.

Draft indicators publication and consultation

Following the publication of the draft indicators in June 2013, a 6-week consultation phase was held. During this time, we encouraged feedback from a wide range of stakeholders. We also held a number of special events for members of the public where we explored the issues that matter most to families using pregnancy and newborn screening services. If you would like to find out more about any of the consultation activities held, please contact Karen Grant.

The pregnancy and newborn screening consultation feedback report is now available for download

Next steps for implementation

It is expected that NHS boards will begin collecting data against the indicators.

HIS plans to undertake implementation and improvement support work beginning in 2014. This will involve stakeholder engagement activities to further test and refine the indicators.


Published Date: 13 November 2013


Information for patients

We appreciate that for non-clinicians, the indicators appear very technical. To help steer people through the document, we have included a patient information section to explain the purpose and benefits of the indicators to members of the public

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