ADTC Collaborative

Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee Collaborative (ADTC Collaborative)

All NHS boards in Scotland have an Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee (ADTC). ADTCs provide professional and clinical advice and leadership to NHS boards to support safe, clinically effective, cost effective and patient-centered use of medicines in all care settings. ADTCs take account of national and, where applicable local guidance when advising on such matters.

The Scottish Government response to the Health and Sport Committee inquiry into the access of new medicines in 2013 set out a number of recommendations for the introduction of new medicines in NHSScotland and strengthening the work of ADTCs. In the interest of a ‘Once for Scotland’ approach, the ADTC Collaborative, hosted by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, was created in September 2014 to support this agenda by:

  • Strengthened clinical engagement with ADTCs
  • Shared learning between and with ADTCs
  • Collaboration between and with ADTCs.

A collaborative approach is encouraged in a wide range of areas including the safer use of medicines, the development of national consensus statements for specific medicines, encouraging and supporting patient and public involvement in ADTCs and promoting transparency and clarity in decisions made by ADTCs across NHSScotland. We communicate with NHS boards and ADTCs using various methods to ensure a rapid and effective dissemination of information and advice.

You can find a list of resources and publications we have produced for both NHS boards and the public below.

ADTC Collaborative resources

Resources for patients and the public

Resources for NHS boards and staff


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