Technologies scoping report 6

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Technologies scoping report 6

Bariatric surgery techniques

In response to an enquiry from the National Planning Forum obesity treatment review steering group.

The following question was scoped:

1. What is the relative clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness and safety of different bariatric surgery techniques (gastric bypass, gastric banding and gastric sleeves) among:

  • people who are aged between 18–44 with a BMI of 35–40 kg/m2 and recent (less than 5 years) onset of T2DM
  • people who are aged between 18–44 with a BMI of 40–50 kg/m2 and onset of T2DM of between 8–10 years ago.

The content of this technologies scoping report was accurate and based upon the most up to date evidence available at the date of first publication. Readers are asked to consider that new trials and technologies may have emerged since first publication and the evidence presented may no longer be current.

Further information

This technologies scoping report has also informed the NHSScotland obesity treatment good practice guide




Published Date: 16 July 2012