Medicines delivery plan

2015-18 Strategic delivery plan for medicines

The 2015-2018 Strategic Delivery Plan for Medicines has been developed to align with our organisational priorities, reflect medicine evidence and strategic context, and take account of our discussions with internal and external stakeholders. The Strategic Delivery Plan for Medicines is underpinned by operational action plans that have cross organisational agreement and the two month public consultation exercise has been particularly helpful in informing these.

Some key priorities in the 2015-18 Strategic Delivery Plan for Medicines are to:

  • improve the responsiveness of our evidence processes to reflect the need for advice in the face of rapidly developing medicines, technologies and treatments and the increase of multi-morbidity
  • proactively take a proportionate, timely and risk-based approach to scrutiny to support improvement of medicines use in healthcare
  • collaborate with key clinical and patient groups to support the spread of good practice for medicine use. Priorities identified by stakeholders include medicine reconciliation, polypharmacy, adverse events, concordance and prescribing errors
  • work with patients and carers in improving medicines administration, understanding and self management, building on existing good practice 
  • support Area Drug and Therapeutic Committees to spread good practice in medicine governance and the safe, effective and cost effective use of medicines, and 
  • support the delivery of key medicines policy around access to medicines and Prescription for Excellence.


Published Date: 1 June 2015

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