IMTO: 008-2017

What is an IMTO?

Innovative Medical Technology Overviews (IMTOs) summarise the evidence relating to an individual technology that has been submitted by the manufacturer of the technology.

The purpose of IMTOs is to provide information that will contribute to local decision-making by NHS health professionals, NHS managers, and procurement colleagues.

IMTOs do not contain recommendations for NHSScotland and should be considered alongside existing guidance applicable to NHSScotland.

Innovative medical technology overview: 008/2017

ACT Now!

This IMTO summarises a submission by Andrew Keen and Kirsty MacLennan (both NHS Grampian) regarding the following medical technology. It should be read in conjunction with the accompanying IMTO Review Document, which is an impartial review of the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence submitted to Healthcare Improvement Scotland.


ACT Now! is a brief, guided self-help programme aimed at improving both glycaemic control and emotional well-being of people with Type 2 diabetes. ACT Now! is designed for people who have not managed to make changes to key self-management behaviours using standard care and education and/or where anxiety or depression complicates the clinical picture. ACT Now! is based upon psychological theory and intends to encourage people to live the kinds of lives they want, and uses this, not health itself, as motivation to change health-related behaviours. The ACT Now! programme offers an additional structured educational tool for the management of Type 2 diabetes. The comparator is therefore routine diabetes care.


Published Date: 20 April 2017