Evidence note 16

Evidence note 16

The use of cranial orthosis treatment for infant deformational plagiocephaly

About Cranial orthoses treatment

Cranial orthoses are helmets or headbands aiming to improve cranial symmetry by applying active or passive pressure to prominent areas of the cranium and enabling growth in the flatter areas of the cranium

Key Points

  • No randomised controlled trials assessing the effectiveness of cranial orthoses for the treatment of deformational plagiocephaly were identified
  • No evidence-based conclusions can be reached on the effectiveness ofcranial orthoses due to the limited methodological quality of the available trials
  • Further research in the form of a randomised controlled trial is needed to determine the true effectiveness of cranial orthoses
  • No published economic evaluations assessing the cost effectiveness of cranial orthoses were found

Published Date: 25 June 2007


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