Releasing Time to Care Report

Releasing Time to Care Stocktake Report

This report includes the main findings and themes of the Releasing Time to Care Programme across NHSScotland and makes recommendations for the ongoing implementation, spread and sustainability of the programme’s work.

Releasing Time to Care quality improvement programme 

Using LEAN methodology, The Releasing Time to Care (RTC) Programme helps NHS staff examine a range of existing systems and processes within their healthcare settings and provides an opportunity to view these systems and processes through a different lens.

Teams are empowered to make positive changes, eliminating waste and inefficiencies, releasing more time to provide direct patient care. This helps improve the quality of care provided for patients and often, in the process, makes savings and efficiencies.

The Scottish Government recently commissioned the RTC Programme to Healthcare Improvement Scotland in 2011 to further support the implementation, spread and sustainability of the programme across NHSScotland and to measure the impact of this improvement work.

At the outset, Healthcare Improvement Scotland undertook a stocktake of the current position of the programme across all NHS boards. The stocktake methodology included gathering qualitative and quantitative data through questionnaires and face to face discussion with Executive Sponsors and Programme Leads in each NHS board

Published Date: 30 May 2012