Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI)

The Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI) carries out safety and cleanliness inspections across NHSScotland hospitals and services.

Patients are at the heart of everything HEI does. Our work is publicly accessible and measures the things that are important to patients.

Information leaflets

Read our 2013-2014 HEI annual report for detailed findings from our programme of inspections to ensure your hospital is safe and clean.

Ensuring your hospital is safe and clean

Our focus is to reduce the Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) risk to patients through a rigorous inspection framework.  Our aims are to:

  • provide public assurance and protection, to restore public trust and confidence
  • contribute to the prevention and control of HAI
  • contribute to improvement in the healthcare environment including infection control, cleanliness and hygiene and the broader quality improvement agenda across NHSScotland.

Established in April 2009

The Scottish Government produced a 2008 consultation paper ‘Healthcare Associated Infections – Inspection, Assurance and Public Confidence’. This paper planned for a new inspectorate based in NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (now Healthcare Improvement Scotland) to deliver its arrangements.

HEI’s function is to:

  • give NHS boards a proactive, assertive way to self-assess and report evidence
  • create a methodology for analysing NHS board evidence that can validate, risk assess and identify targets for inspection
  • carry out rigorous inspections, from NHS board level to hospital level to ward/clinical level
  • continuously monitor NHS board improvement plans
  • make inspection findings public
  • make recommendations to Scottish Ministers.

Key Stakeholders

The HEI engages with a number of key stakeholders. Details of these can be found in the stakeholder document

The HEI team

The HEI  team includes:

  • Senior inspectors
  • Inspectors
  • Public partners

With support from:

  • Programme Manager
  • Project Officers
  • Administrative Officers

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  • Lisa Birch, 0131 623 4725

Email our HEI team for more information.