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HEI Inspection

“Our inspection found that NHS Grampian is complying with most standards to prevent and control healthcare associated infection. Wards and clinical areas were clean, and good isolation facilities are available to ensure the risk of infection is reduced. We also identified areas for improvement including peripheral vascular catheter (PVC) documentation must record all the required information about insertion and maintenance of catheters. This will provide assurance that PVCs are being appropriately managed and reduce the risk of infection to patients.”

Susan Brimelow - Chief Inspector

Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital

Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI) unannounced inspection

Inspection date: 6 December 2012

Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital contains 85 beds. The hospital provides acute care for children up to 14 years of age, although there is some flexibility with this for individual children. The hospital provides a comprehensive range of paediatric services, covering all aspects of inpatient, outpatient and day case care.

The Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI) previously inspected Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital in October 2011. That inspection resulted in seven requirements and one recommendation.

We carried out an unannounced inspection to Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital on Thursday 6 December 2012. We assessed the hospital against the NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (NHS QIS) healthcare associated infection (HAI) standards and inspected the following areas:

  • assessment unit
  • day case unit
  • high dependency unit
  • medical ward
  • surgical unit, and
  • X-ray department.

This report highlights areas of strengths as well as areas for further improvement, including requirements and recommendations.

The improvement action plan for this inspection has now been removed from the HEI website, as the inspection took place more than 16 weeks ago. Please contact NHS Grampian for further information on progress against this action plan.

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Published Date: 12 February 2013


Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital overview

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Types of inspections

Inspections may be announced or unannounced and will involve physical inspection of the clinical areas, and interviews with staff and patients. We will publish a written report 8 weeks after the inspection.

  • Announced inspection: the service provider will be given at least 4 weeks’ notice of the inspection by letter or email.
  • Unannounced inspection: the service provider will not be given any advance warning of the inspection.
  • Follow-up inspection: the NHS board and hospital may or may not be given advance notice of the inspection. A safety and cleanliness follow-up inspection will take place no later than 26 weeks from the publication of the initial report.