St Andrew's Hospice Feb 13


“Overall, we found evidence at St. Andrew’s Hospice that people using the service are supported by a committed and motivated staff group, and are treated with respect. We did find that improvement is required in some areas, which include the recording of medication given to people who use the service and ensuring staff are regularly appraised. We expect St. Andrew's Hospice to address the requirements as a matter of priority.”

Susan Brimelow - Chief Inspector

St Andrew's Hospice

Independent healthcare unannounced inspection

Inspection date: 27 November 2012

Table of Grades

Quality of information Quality of care and support Quality of environment  Quality of staffing Quality of leadership and management
N/A 3 - Adequate


4 - Good

4 - Good

Grading Key

(6) Excellent
(5) Very good
(4) Good
(3) Adequate - performance is acceptable but could be improved
(2) Weak - concerns about the service and there are things that must improve
(1) Unsatisfactory - represents a more serious level of concern

For full detail of the grading given, download the inspection report and refer to the Quality Statements.

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Published Date: 6 February 2013