Adult and older adult services

Standards for integrated care pathways for mental health - adult and older adult services

About the standards

The integrated care pathways (ICPs) for mental health standards have four main elements.

  • Process standards: describe the key tasks which affect how well ICPs are developed in a local area.
  • Generic care standards: describe the interactions and interventions that must be offered to all people who access mental health services.
  • Condition-specific care standards: build on the generic care standards and describe the interactions and interventions that must be offered by mental health services to people with a specific condition.
  • Service improvement standards: measure how ICPs are implemented and how variations from planned care are recorded and acted on.

The standards for the five conditions build on and complement the key components identified in the generic care standards. Considered alongside the process and service improvement standards, the condition-specific care standards outline a set of expectations for the local management and organisation of care in mental health services. Equally, the standards represent an ongoing commitment to improving the quality of treatment and outcomes for service users and their informal carers.

As part of a wider system of continuous quality improvement, the generic and condition-specific care standards form the care elements of the ICP.

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Published Date: 18 December 2007


Healthcare Improvement Scotland took over the responsibilities of NHS Quality Improvement Scotland on 1st April 2011.